PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium Account 2020

PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium Account

Portuguese is widely spoken across the world. As a result, you can benefit a lot by learning to speak the language fluently. Luckily, we’ve discovered one of the best ways for you to achieve that, and that’s by taking advantage of a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account. With this membership, you can save a lot of money over your study period. Want to know how? Well, read on to find out.

How to get a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account

To take full advantage of a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account, you have to sign up here. After signing up, you’ll receive a welcoming message from Innovative Languages’ VIP team. You will also receive instructions on how to utilize your account so that you can become fluent in Portuguese.

Innovative Languages, the creator, ensure to give you your own customer service representative to sort out any issue you may have. You also get access to a myriad of learning resources, including a words-list, podcasts, videos, and lesson notes. There exist plenty of lessons that will help you master the language, and you can access them through your computer, iOS, or Android devices.


How much is a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account?

To enjoy unlimited access to a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account, you have to purchase it at $599. You will enjoy all the features that come with this membership. And you will be glad to know that this package saves you a lot of money, especially if you wish to learn Portuguese over an extended period.

PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Account Benefits

The lifetime membership requires you to make a one-time payment. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about monthly stipends, which are expensive in the long-run. Due to the nature of the lifetime membership, you can study the language at your own convenience.


Lifetime Premium account for all 34 Pod101 languages

Besides learning Portuguese, Innovative Languages allows you to study other languages. The platform has three options that you could choose from. You can purchase a PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account at $599, but that’s the only language you’ll study at that price.

PortuguesePod101 Choose Languages

Alternatively, you can select the second option, which allows you to study three languages. This package requires you to make a one-time payment of $999. If you want to study more languages, there’s an option for you as well. It gives you access to 34 Pod101 languages, and you are supposed to make a one-time payment of $1,499 to study these languages. Some of the languages available include Urdu, Hindi, French, Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium account discount

The PortugesePod101 Lifetime Premium account has no discounts. However, it is more economical when you compare it to the monthly subscriptions. If you choose the monthly subscription, you’ll have to part with $25 per month. When you do your calculations, making monthly payments will have you paying much more than when you settle for a lifetime subscription. The latter allows you to save up to 60% is you study Portuguese for five years.



If you’re committed to learning how to speak Portuguese, we recommend you start with the PortuguesePod101 Lifetime Premium membership. The platform has a lot of learning resources that you could utilize to achieve fluency. Besides, it saves you a significant amount of cash, and it lets you study at your own pace without compromising your busy schedule.

Still not convinces that this is the most suitable Portuguese learning platform? Well, you can sign up for the $1 monthly Premium trial. The account will guide you on everything you need to know about the lifetime membership.