Ouino Spanish Review

Ouino Spanish Review

Thank you for reading our Ouino Spanish review. This review is up-to-date as of November, 2020.

Learning one of the most spoken languages on our planet can be a feat in itself. Finding the right program to teach you to speak Spanish can be daunting and discouraging. With so many language-learning programs to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

In case you’re wondering, Ouino is pronounced “we know.”

We’ve tried to take the work out of it for you with our review of one of those Spanish-learning programs: Ouino. How does it measure up overall and against the competition?


Ouino Spanish Review: Overview

To sign up for Ouino Spanish, you will need to purchase and download the program from their website. It is a large file, so make certain you have the room on your device. We found this to be a bit archaic, because most other language-learning programs operate ‘in the cloud’ without the need for downloading software. On the other hand, one bonus is that you will have access to Ouino when you’re offline (except on mobile devices.)

Ouino Spanish Review -- Program Screenshot

Ouino claims to be a five-in-one learning software that is well-suited for most learning types. The five core concepts used include:

  • Building Blocks Begin creating and speaking your own sentences by learning structure and grammar, or the foundation, of Spanish.
  • Verbs/Conjugation Learn how to conjugate verbs and use them in various tenses.
    Conversations Listen to and practice speaking in Spanish.
  • Pronunciation Pronunciation practice offers you the chance to compare your speaking and pronunciation to that of your instructor’s.
  • Recommended Learning Path Typically a free-style learning approach, Ouino offers a structured and comprehensive learning pathway option, as well.

All around Ouino offers Spanish practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each section offers over 50 lessons where you can watch videos, listen to audio lessons, or complete the exercises and games. It also offers a mobile app, but you cannot use it unless you are online.


Ouino PROS

Pro #1: Useability

Ouino has a visually attractive platform. One might assume it has been designed by professional game developers. It is also very easy-to-use and simple to navigate. Male and female terms are color-coded to make them easier for beginners to spot, for example.

Pro #2: Affordable Price

There are a few membership levels including three-, six- or twelve-month options. There is also an option to purchase a lifetime membership, so you never have to feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth. For all of the learning materials, we feel the value is good, if not better, than most other language-learning programs out there.

Pro #3: Freestyle Learning

Ouino lets you choose how you learn. There is a guided pathway that follows most academic plans, but you do not have to learn in this linear form if you do not want to. Instead, focus on pronunciation, listening or on building your Spanish background.


Ouino CONS

Con #1: Lacks Variation

In spite of the mountains of material offered, the lessons can become repetitive and boring. Boredom is the bane of anyone trying to learn a language on their own. The exercises themselves do not change from lesson to lesson, only the verbs and conjugations.

Con #2: Exercises are Limited on Time

We found ourselves simply choosing an answer to beat the clock, not because we actually knew the correct one. We feel this aspect of the program adds to the stress of learning and forces you to move too quickly through some exercises. We would rather take our time and truly learn the material rather than guessing.


How Does Ouino Work?

Audio, Video and Written Lessons

No matter what type of lesson you choose to complete, you will find self-evaluations at the end. This allows you to give yourself a “star” rating on how well you feel you grasped the material. It is easy to look at these ratings to go back and review these lessons later.

The exercises in lessons include typing in letters or words to form sentences, matching English translation to Spanish recordings, matching correct verb endings, and recording your pronunciation to compare to that of a native speaker’s.

Ouino Spanish -- With Lesson

Practice Exercises

Practice exercises accompany each lesson so you can put to use what you recently learned. These exercises are timed, and we found that to add some stress to the situation, but others may like the competition. We would like to see more of these exercises for additional practice.

Games and Quizzes

There is a variety of games and quizzes to help test what you know. They are interactive and entertaining and often include a countdown clock for added competition. There is a scoring system and you can use points to get hints or buy yourself more time on questions.

Ouino ‘How To’ Videos

These ‘how to’ videos will help you through downloading the program, working the app, Ouino’s philosophy on learning, and how to get the most out of the program. You will also find ways you can customize the program with speeds of playback, text display, and time for exercises.


Who Is Ouino Spanish For?

Ouino is very open about the fact that language-learning is specific to the individual. In the case of Ouino, we feel those who would benefit from its use include those who:

  • learn from repetition and the academic approach to learning
  • will be using the program offline quite often
  • are motivated and do not require much feedback
  • are beginning learners who want a solid place to start learning Spanish


Who Is Ouino Spanish NOT For?

On the other hand, spending the money on a language-learning program might not be a good idea for those who:

  • benefit from in-class learning with an instructor
  • are on a limited budget
  • do not have time to commit to language-learning


Ouino Spanish Alternatives

Ouino Spanish vs. Rosetta Stone Spanish

With similar pricing and coursework, one would easily compare Ouino to Rosetta Stone. We found their differences to be slight with Ouino having a less-structured approach. Rosetta Stone relies heavily on spaced-repetition and does not give users many variations as to what and how they learn.

Read our detailed review of Rosetta Stone here.


Ouino Spanish vs. Pimsleur Spanish

Pimsleur teaches language learning with podcasts only. They call this an organic style of learning that is the same way you learned how to speak your native language. You will not find many exercises for reading or writing as this program is strictly listening-based.

Read our full review of Pimsleur Spanish here.


Ouino Spanish vs. SpanishPod101

Innovative Languages’ SpanishPod101 is just one of many language-learning courses offered. Like Ouino, SpanishPod101 has more variety than either Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone. You will find comprehensive learning pathways, along with other pathways that are more streamlined for specific situations.

Read our detailed review of SpanishPod101 here.

SpanishPod101 offers a free lifetime account that includes three lessons from each learning pathway. Monthly subscriptions can be purchased for extra access and are in line with Ouino’s pricing.


Ouino Spanish Cost

Ouino has three main subscription costs and the price per month drops the longer you sign up. A three-month subscription is $12.99 per month, a six-month subscription is $9.99 per month and a 12-month subscription is just $6.99 per month.

Each of these subscriptions includes:

  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • No advertising
  • Offline use
  • Up to three users on five devices
  • Over 400 lessons and over 1,000 exercises
  • Compatible on Mac, PC, Android, iOS and Chrome OS

You can also get Lifetime Access for $95.76, regularly $311.76, for a limited time by using this link. Along with the above-listed features the Lifetime Access also includes:

  • A 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Personal help with learning Spanish
  • Free upgrades
  • Lifetime use

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Ouino Spanish Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, we find this to be a fairly affordable program that offers good value for all the content. We would recommend it mostly for beginners to low-intermediate users as more advanced speakers might find the repetitive exercises to be boring. Purchasing lifetime access makes the most sense as some language-learning programs will cost just as much in a few months.

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