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Spanish Uncovered Review

Olly Richards’ Spanish Uncovered Review

This Spanish Uncovered review is up-to-date as of Feb 3rd, 2021. If you’re a relative beginner in Spanish and are wondering which course is right for you, read our review of Spanish Uncovered — in our opinion one of the most unique, fun and effective self study language resources we’ve come across in recent years. …

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Spanish Audiobooks You Can Listen to for Free

11 Spanish Audiobooks You Can Listen to for Free

Let’s face it, the excitement and newness of learning a language can wear off quickly once you’re conjugating verbs for the billionth time. Additionally, many programs lack authentic listening practice. So, what is the aspiring polyglot to do? The answer: listen to Spanish Audiobooks.   Why Use Audiobooks for Spanish Anyone who has tried to …

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SpanishPod101 Coupon Code

SpanishPod101 Coupon Codes

Are you interested in learning to speak Spanish? SpanishPod101 offers you one of the best and quickest online language learning platforms. Read our detailed SpanishPod101 review to see what’s included in the program. If you’ve already made up your mind, here are the SpanishPod101 Coupon Codes below!   SpanishPod101 Coupon Codes (All Verified November, 2020) …

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SpanishPod101 Review

SpanishPod101 Review

This SpanishPod101 Review is up to date as of April 20th, 2021. Also please note the following review contains affiliate links. We only recommend products that we’ve actually tested and genuinely like.  Spanish, a Romance language that developed in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe (Portugal and Spain), is the native language of about 460 million people …

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