Learning German

The Best Apps for Learning German

5 Best Apps for Learning German

Editor’s Choice An enormous library of video and audio lessons delivered by native speakers, with a completely flexible syllabus catered to your needs. CHECK LATEST PRICE 2nd Choice Follow the fascinating story of ‘Der Mann mit dem Hut’ as you indirectly master all the main components of the German language. CHECK LATEST PRICE 3rd Choice […]

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German Uncovered Review

German Uncovered Review (Story Learning)

This German Uncovered review is up-to-date as of February 12th, 2023. Please note that this review contains referral links, however we only recommend products that we have personally used and think are worthwhile. Did you know that German is actually the most widely spoken language in the European Union? It’s the official language of Germany,

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Rocket German Review (1)

Rocket German Review

This Rocket German Review is up-to-date as of October 21st, 2021. Learning to speak German, with its four cases, can prove to be an intimidating venture. Choosing the right learning method is essential, especially if you strive to speak German fluently. When considering the sheer number of online language-learning programs, choosing just one can be

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Is German Hard To Learn?

Is German Hard to Learn?

Determining whether German is a hard language to learn is highly dependent on subjective factors such as your native language, how many other languages you speak, and your personal motivation level. In this sense, it can be difficult to call any language harder or easier to learn than another. The Defense Language Institute considers German

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GermanPod101 Review

GermanPod101 Review

Germany is widely recognized as Europe’s economic powerhouse which means being fluent in the German language is a great asset for business or personal endeavors. In fact, German is the second most spoken mother language in the European Union after English. German is at least one of the official languages for the following countries: Germany, Liechtenstein,

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English vs. German Similarities and Differences

How similar or different are English and German?

The relationship between English and German is an ancient one and both languages are closely related linguistic siblings. As a native English speaker who has learnt German, I am always surprised that other native speakers consider German ‘difficult’ to learn. While I found German relatively easy to learn in the beginning (due to the similarity

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How Similar or Different are German and Dutch?

Dutch and German: Similar or Different?

German and Dutch are 2 languages from the Germanic family and I’ve had the pleasure of learning them both of them in recent years. I’ve also lived in both Germany (Munich) and the Netherlands (Utrecht) for a little over a year each so I’ve had more or less the same in situ exposure to both.

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