GreekPod101 Discount Codes

GreekPod101 Discount Codes

Whether you’ve already begun or plan to start, there has never been a better time to begin learning the Greek language with GreekPod101. Both new and existing subscribers are eligible to save up to 77% off regular prices when using the following promo codes.

GreekPod101 Coupon Code

You can continue your journey learning Greek or sign up today and save up to 77% off the retail pricing simply by clicking these links. All coupons have been verified as of July 2020, so please contact us if you have any trouble with these GreekPod101 promo codes.

30% off GreekPod101

Click here for 30% off GreekPod101. Savings is based on a 24-month subscription, and you can save up to $165.

60% off GreekPod101

The 60% off deal is for the little-known, and rarely advertised, lifetime subscription to GreekPod101. It is a great plan for those who don’t want to be bound by a monthly subscription. Simply, pay a one-time subscription fee and learn to speak Greek on your own time.

The 60% off savings is figured by assuming use of GreekPod101 for a total of five years. If you use the program even longer, you will save much more. Click here for 60% off GreekPod101 lifetime access.

GreekPod101 60-77% Offers Screenshot

77% off GreekPod101

Another well-kept secret is the lifetime subscription price for three languages. Again, you simply pay one time and have lifetime access to three different Innovative Languages courses. You can save up to 77% based on using the account for five years.

Click here for 77% off three-lifetime language accounts.

Using GreekPod101 Promo Codes

First-Time GreekPod101 Users

The following steps will get you started learning to speak Greek at a serious discount.

1. Click on the 30%, 60% or 77% promo code links above.
2. Pick the best plan for you from the Basic, Premium, and PremiumPLUS subscription plans.
3. Using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal, key in your preferred payment method.
4. Choose a term for your subscription. Longer subscriptions generally lead to more overall savings.
5. You must verify your account with your email, and then you can begin your quest learning to speak Greek.

Existing GreekPod101 Users

Log into GreekPod101 and come back here to click on a promo code above. You will automatically be taken through the steps to snag your savings.

Which Plan is Right for You?


Opt for the Basic subscription plan if:

• you want to see how you like Greek before diving in head-first
• you are on a tight budget
• you want to quickly learn some conversational Greek for business or travel


Opt for the Premium subscription plan if:

• you plan to work toward fluency in Greek
• you like to test your skills with periodic quizzes
• you prefer a variety of learning tools to hone your skills
• you want to better understand Greek friends or movies and music


Opt for the PremiumPLUS subscription plan if:

• one-on-one instruction is your preferred learning method
• you enjoy assignments and tests to check your progress
• you want learning plans designed just for you