GermanPod101 Coupon Code

GermanPod101 Coupon Codes

Want to learn to speak German? Now is the right time! GermanPod101 provides you with a comprehensive platform that will facilitate your learning to speak German faster. Better yet, the GermanPod101 Coupon Codes below will enable you to get access to the course at a big discount. What better way is there to learn the German language than this?

GermanPod101 Coupon Codes: Verified February 2023

All the GermanPod101 Coupon codes on this page have been checked and double checked to be working as of February 12th, 2023.

Read on to see the discounts that are available for different subscription types.

30% Off GermanPod101 

This one is simple: Click this button to get 30% off GermanPod101.

60% Off GermanPod101 

60 percent off GermanPod101 Screenshot

Details: This deal is a well-kept secret. You can purchase a lifetime GermanPod101 account and get 60% off.

Note: This discount works with Premium only.

77% Off GermanPod101 Lifetime

Details: If you purchase a lifetime premium account for 3 languages, you get 77% off the regular price (based on 5 years of use).

Note: This code works with Premium only.

How to Use These Coupon Codes

First-Time Users

Using these discount codes for GermanPod101 is hassle-free. Simply click on whichever Coupon Code link you’d like to use, and you’ll be directed to the GermanPod101 site. You will find the discount already applied to the listed prices for subscription plans.

Choose Your Plan

You will be asked to pick a plan from Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS subscription plans.

Enter Payment Information

You have to enter your payment along with your billing address. Some of the forms of payments we accept include American Express, Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard.

Choose a Subscription Term

To access the coupon code discount, you will need to choose the length of your subscription which can be from 1 to 24 months long. The monthly charge for GermanPod101 reduces with the increase in subscription length. As such, you stand a chance to save big if you take our 14% discount code and subscribe to the longest subscription term. Pick the 24-month subscription to save more and get more features for your lessons.

Verify Your Account

This is the final step in getting your account up and running along with the coupon discount code. To finalize the process, you have to confirm your account by entering your email address. Once it is verified, proceed to enjoy learning to speak German with the in-depth programs from GermanPod101.

Existing GermanPod101 Users

Existing users can take advantage of these coupons too. Just log into your account, then click on any of the discount codes above to be redirected to the special offer.

GermanPod101 Video Lesson Screenshot

Do These Coupon Codes Work Everywhere?

Yes. You can these coupon codes with your GermanPod101 account from the internet in any country.

Should I Choose Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS Subscription?


This is one monthly subscription that enables you access to the extensive video and audio lesson library and 100 core words and phrases. You can download and print PDFs of your lessons to study later. Besides, you can have access to your GermanPod101 on a laptop, iPhone, desktop, Android, or iPad.

You can opt for this Basic Plan if you:

  • have few funds to spend
  • want to learn a few key phrases and terms to get along while traveling to Japan
  • want to see if you are committed to learning German more in-depth


This is a 12-month subscription plan that contains all the features that are in basic plan PLUS interactive learning tools, HD video, interactive lesson quizzes, voice-recording tools, daily German lessons, audio dictionary, grammar bank, 1000 core words and phrases, and flashcards.

You can consider this plan if you:

  • want more in-depth study materials after trying the basic plan
  • want to work towards becoming a fluent German speaker
  • want to converse in German and watch movies or music of German decent

Premium PLUS

This is a 24-months subscription plan that offers you the best platform for immersing yourself in learning all things, German. In this plan, you will get features like complete access to video and audio lesson libraries, ongoing professional assessments, personalized learning plans, one-on-one access to a native German-speaking teacher as well as personal assignments.

You can consider this plan if you:

  • are serious about learning German fluently for business or personal reasons
  • want a learning plan that’s designed for you
  • enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instructions

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your GermanPod101 Subscription

Now that you have signed up for GermanPod101, let’s show you how to make the most out of it in learning to speak German.

  • Take advantage of Word of the Day and Daily Lesson emails for refreshers
  • Frequently listen to German Podcast especially when traveling
  • Print lessons and read them when you can’t watch or listen to them
  • Utilize all the learning tools in your subscription plan for various approaches to learning
  • Look for groups that you can converse with, watch movies, and listen to music in German to improve your understanding.

We hope these GermanPod101 discounts helped. If you found a code that didn’t work, please let us know and we’ll fix it.