HebrewPod101 Coupon Code

HebrewPod101 Discount Codes

Learning to speak Hebrew can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Sign up with Innovative Languages’ HebrewPod101, one of the most comprehensive Hebrew language programs, and get up to 77% off with the discounts below.

2021 HebrewPod101 Coupon Codes

If you already subscribe to HebrewPod101, you can still take advantage of this incredible discount. These codes have been verified as of October 2021, so contact us immediately if you have any issues.

HebrewPod101 30% Promo Code

Click here to get 30% off your monthly subscription costs of HebrewPod101. If you sign up for 24 months, you can save up to $165.

HebrewPod101 30% Discount Checkout Screenshot

HebrewPod101 60% Promo Code

This discount is for a lifetime subscription plan that is rarely advertised. If you plan to become fluent in Hebrew, this plan can save you tons of money in the long run. Simply pay a one-time fee and learn to speak Hebrew on your own time without monthly subscription fees.

Click here to sign up for your lifetime account with HebrewPod101 and save 60% off five-year subscription rates.

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HebrewPod101 77% Promo Code

Innovative languages also offers, but doesn’t advertise, a three-language lifetime account package for one low rate. If you plan to learn more than one language, you can save up to 77% off the five-year subscription costs.

Click here to sign up for your three-language lifetime account.

How to use HebrewPod101 Coupon Codes

New Members

Follow these steps to set up your new account. Keep in mind that all discounts are automatically applied.

1. Choose from one of the discount options from above.
2. Decide which plan including Basic, Premium, or PremiumPLUS is best for you.
3. Enter your payment information using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.
4. Choose the length of your subscription keeping in mind that longer subscription terms yield greater discounts.
5. Verify your account and you’re good to begin studying.

Current Members

Log into your HebrewPod101 account and come back to this page to choose your promo code. From there, you will be taken through the steps to snag this deal.

Are These HebrewPod101 Codes Good Everywhere?

Yes, you can use these coupon codes in any country.

Which Plan is Best for you?


Choose the Basic plan if:

• you aren’t sold on learning the Hebrew language and want to try it out
• you are on a tight budget
• you plan to travel soon and would like to refresh Hebrew you already know


Choose the Premium plan if:

• you want to become a fluent Hebrew speaker
• you want to stay motivated with occasional tests
• you prefer learning from a variety of interactive tools


Choose the PremiumPLUS plan if:

• you would like to be able to ask questions of the instructor
• a personal learning plan is desirable to you
• you would like ongoing assessments to track your advancement