The Best Podcasts To Learn Spanish

The Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish

If you’re looking for something to supplement your Spanish class or self-study, look no further than Spanish podcasts. These easy-to-use recordings can help add some fun and excitement to language learning while teaching you valuable information. Below are our picks for the 15 Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish.


What is a Podcast?

Simply put, podcasts are digital recordings that you can stream or download to your device. Originally used to share information with small groups, podcasts have grown and are used by nearly all industries including news, schools, radio networks, businesses, and even for language-learning.


Why you Should Find the Best Spanish-Learning Podcast

Beyond being convenient for on-the-go learning, Spanish podcasts are also very user-friendly. They also give you an authentic way to hear Spanish being spoken by native speakers for better comprehension. A few other benefits of using Spanish podcasts include:

  • You can find many quality podcasts that are absolutely free
  • Podcasts are great at improving listening and comprehension
  • Most are of professional quality and some include transcripts
  • You have control of the speed of the information presented and can repeat it if needed
  • They are easy to add to an existing Spanish course or lessons


The Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish

We won’t leave you hanging. We have done the research for you and the following, in no specific order, are our choices for the best Spanish-learning podcasts.



1. News in Slow Spanish

Best for Listening Comprehension

News in Slow Spanish is exactly what its name implies. This is a great way to hone your listening skills while learning to speak Spanish. Though having some background in Spanish is helpful, beginners can start picking up new words and sounds with the Get Up To Speed, or GUTS, program.

This podcast was designed for those learning to speak Spanish, so the pace is very slow. It can also be quite entertaining with subjects ranging from world news and politics to culture and various technologies.

News in Slow Spanish

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2. SpanishPod101

Best for Variety

SpanishPod101 is offered by Innovative Languages and wins our Best Variety category because it offers lessons by native speakers from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries including Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. There are four expertise levels from absolute beginner to advanced.

For premium features like voice recording, flashcards, assessments and one-on-one instruction, you will need to splurge for a paid subscription. The free plan offers some podcasts and the first three lessons in each learning pathway. Instructors are interesting and engaging but can get somewhat lost in their own banter. If you don’t mind paying for superior resources, we think this is one of the best podcasts to learn Spanish out there.


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3. CNN en Español

Best for Advanced Study

If you have been studying for a while, test your knowledge with CNN en Español. You will find the largest selection of world news and other topics to listen to in Spanish.

Episodes are mostly quick newscasts and new ones are added daily. You can pick and choose your favorite subjects and listen on the way to work, in the school pick-up line, or on the train.

CNN en Español

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4. Españolistos

Best for Intriguing Topics

Españolistos was designed by Andrea, a Colombian Spanish teacher, and Nate, a Caucasian. It claims to be spoken 99% in Spanish and to provide interesting, and sometimes controversial, topics to keep listeners interested.

You’ll find both Latin American and American English dialects. Andrea’s correction of her partner’s pronunciation, at times, is particularly fun to listen to. The goal is to pick up on new vocabulary as you slowly listen to the language spoken.


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5. Coffee Break Spanish

Best for Beginning to Intermediate Speakers

Coffee Break Spanish is a fun way to listen to Spanish through storytelling. It moves slowly for the listener to keep up and advance as they are ready. As you learn to speak Spanish, you can move up to more recent lessons.

Lessons are generally a quick 15 to 20 minutes long much like visiting with a friend at a coffee shop. Because this podcast caters to new and intermediate speakers, there is quite a bit of English spoken in the lessons.

Coffee Break Spanish

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6. Radio Ambulante

Best for Storytelling

Radio Ambulante was brought to you by NPR and those behind This American Life podcast. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and tells interesting and personal stories at that time.

Spoken in east-to-understand, clear Spanish, an intermediate speaker should have no issues following along. Topics vary widely but include subjects like Latino struggles around the world and issues like diversity.

Radio Ambulante

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7. Audiria

Best for Fun, Fresh Topics

Originally designed to be a non-profit organization to promote the Spanish language, two brothers from Malaga are responsible for Audiria. The site is not updated regularly, but there are over 820 free podcasts ready to go with fresh ones added now and then.

They are tagged by their levels of difficulty so the beginner or advanced speaker knows exactly where to start. Along with the podcasts, you can find other learning materials in the program covering a variety of real-life situations.


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8. Spanish Obsessed

Best for all Levels

The Spanish Obsessed podcasts are by Rob and Liz. Rob is from England while Liz is from Colombia. The couple speaks slow enough for you to understand them, yet manages to keep the conversations engaging.

Most podcasts are under 20 minutes and they also offer Spanish learning materials, cultural advice and articles. Subscribe to the service to receive regular updates. You can tell Rob and Liz truly enjoy what they are doing and they cater to beginners through advanced speakers.

Spanish Obsessed

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9. Podcast in Spanish

Best for Advanced Listening Skills

Podcast in Spanish uses natural conversations in real Spanish for beginners through advanced learners. As promised these conversations seem to take place between two friends at normal speaking speed. It can be tough for the new learner to follow along at times.

Luckily, along with podcasts, you can find vocabulary exercises, worksheets with answers and transcripts. Going back and listening to the podcast after doing the extra activities makes it much more understandable. Subjects and topics include trips to the zoo, neighborhood services, and how social networking affects us.

Podcast in Spanish

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10. Notes in Spanish

Best for Spanish in Spain

The couple, Ben and Marina, operate Notes in Spanish with three expertise levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced speaker. The husband and wife team offer worksheets with each podcast to further enhance learning. Each podcast has a recap of the previous one, so you never feel like you’re starting out cold.

With over 40 million downloads since their inception in May 2005, the duo must be doing something right. The couple speaks of everyday things together in these podcasts, and some users claim to have gone from absolute beginner to fluent with this program alone.

Notes in Spanish

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11. Pimsleur Spanish

Best for Learning Quickly

The Pimsleur Method consists of learning another language in much the same way you learned your native language; by listening and repeating. This language-learning program consists solely of podcasts. You get a free week to try it out and then you must pay for a subscription to continue learning.

Pimsleur promises that with just 30 minutes of study per day, you will be able to speak Spanish in just 30 days. Similarly to the way you learn the lyrics to your favorite songs on the radio, Pimsleur teaches you in the most organic method.

Pimsleur Spanish

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12. Study Spanish

Best for a Solid Spanish Foundation

Study Spanish is one of the most organized groups of podcasts. Each one focuses on actual subjects rather than simply allowing you to listen to stories or conversations. Examples include learning cardinal numbers, days of the week, regular verbs, stem-changing verbs, and even weather expressions.

You will find the first few podcasts are free, and then you must subscribe to see all of the content. These lessons are much more formal than other podcasts we’ve come across and offer grammatical explanations.

Study Spanish

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13. Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Best for Grammar

Duolingo is the wildly popular, game-like app for learning languages, and it now offers podcasts for both French and Spanish. Each podcast lasts about 20 minutes and consists of storytelling to help improve listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

They are designed from the English-speaker’s perspective so you will find quite a bit of English used throughout. The storyteller only uses Spanish, and Marina will go over everything afterward to explain in English.

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

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14. In the Thick

Best for Controversial Issue Discussions

If you are not the small-talk type of person, In the Thick might be just the podcast series you are looking for. Hosted by journalists, Julio Ricardo Varela and Maria Hinojosa, these podcasts cover a variety of traditionally taboo dinner-table conversations.

Race, politics, gender identity and domestic terrorism are all topics you might encounter. The podcasts are free to listen to, but the duo relies on donations to keep them up and running.

In the Thick

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15. Latina to Latina

Best for Learning of Latina Accomplishments

Latina to Latina is a podcast series dedicated to interviewing accomplished Spanish women. Most podcasts end up being quite hilarious, though serious topics like living as a woman of color dominate the interviews.

Alicia Menendez hosts various Latinas including Gina Torres and the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz. Though the interviews are focused on Latin women, both men and women can benefit from these podcasts.

Latina to Latina

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And there you have it!  Our list of the 15 Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish. Which one is your favorite?