How To Get A RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium Account

RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium Account

The RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account’s existence has not been popularized, but it has a lot of advantages to someone who’d like to learn Romanian. Luckily, we’ve discovered the secret behind its operations, and you too can benefit from this top-rated learning platform. The RomanianPod101 account was created by Innovative Languages. It not only gives you fluency in the language but also helps you save money. Here’s all you need to know about this account.


How to get RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account

To get a RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account, you need to sign up here. When you sign up through the simple process, you can choose the language option that best suits your learning needs. What’s more, you gain access to a wide array of learning tools, which will help you to master Romanian much faster.

Signing up for a lifetime membership also gives you access to a customer service representative, who will guide you whenever you need assistance. Innovative Languages has also made the account mobile-friendly so that you can access it and learn on the go.


How much is a RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account?

With just $599, you’ll get full access to a RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account. The lifetime option is advantageous because you get to save more money than when you use the monthly subscriptions. Additionally, you don’t have to feel the financial burden for the days or months that you cannot study. Why? That’s because you only make a one-time payment for a lifetime membership.

RomanianPod101 Lifetime Account Cost and Benefits

Lifetime Premium account for all 34 Pod101 languages

Sometimes, your lifestyle or work-life requires you to learn more than one language because of the people you interact with. If such is your case, then you’re in luck because Innovative Languages offers up to three options for you to choose from.

You can choose RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium membership at $599. With this option, you’ll only learn Romanian. You can also select the second option, which gives you access to three Pod101 languages. For this option, you need to make a one-time payment of $999.

RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium - Multiple Languages Savings

Lastly, you can select the option that gives you access to all 34 languages that Innovative Languages offers. It requires you to make a one-time payment of $1,499. Some of the languages that you can learn here include Bulgarian, English, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.


RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account discount

Innovative Languages has no discounts available for the RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account. However, you’re better off with the lifetime membership than the monthly subscriptions. The monthly subscription demands you pay $25 each month, which becomes quite expensive if you were to study over a long period. Fortunately, the lifetime subscription won’t have you paying the monthly stipend, allowing you to save a lot.

Here’s the link to get access to the secret lifetime deals:



If you’re interested and committed to learning Romanian, then the RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account should be your go-to platform. The platform has plenty of resources that could help you attain the fluency you desire. Additionally, it allows you to set your own study schedule so that you can balance your day-to-day life. What’s more, it’s financially-friendly because you only make a one-time payment.

In case you still have doubts about this learning platform, then you can start with the Premium trial account. It costs $1 and is valid for a month. The trial account can give you a clear picture of what the RomanianPod101 Lifetime Premium account has in store for you.