SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium Account 2020

SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium Account

Would you like to learn how to speak Swedish? Well, SwedishPod101, an online learning platform by Innovative Languages, should be your go-to option. The platform has a Lifetime Premium subscription, which people know little about. However, we have discovered how you can take advantage of it to learn Swedish and also save yourself a significant amount of money.

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How to get SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account

To sign up for a SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account, you need to click here. Getting started is as easy as ABC, and after signing up, you get unlimited access to the premium subscription. You will also have access to the resources that will allow you to master Swedish seamlessly.

Furthermore, you’ll receive instructions on how you need to operate your account. It has audio and video lessons, plus a words list that will help you acquire conversational fluency. What’s more, you can access these resources through your mobile gadget(s), where you have 24/7 access.


How much is a SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account?

To enjoy all the benefits of a SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account, you need to make a one-time payment of $599. Making this purchase will save you a lot of money over the period you’ll take to learn the language.

SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium Account Price

The Lifetime Premium subscription also gives you some flexibility. How so? You can complete your course at your own pace. Moreover, this plan is more economical compared to the monthly subscription.


Lifetime Premium account for all 34 Pod101 languages

If you love linguistics, you may be interested in learning other languages apart from Swedish. Innovative Languages understands this aspect; therefore, it has three options that you could choose from. There’s the $599 one-time payment, which will give you access to learn Swedish only.

AllPod101 Languages Lifetime Account Price

Alternatively, you can choose the three-language Lifetime Premium membership, which goes for $999. If you travel often, three languages may not suffice. Fortunately, Innovative Languages has a third option, which gives you access to all 34 Pod101 languages. You’re required to make a one-time payment of $1,499 to subscribe to the 34 languages under this program.

Here are a couple of languages that Innovative Languages offers – French, Arabic, Czech, Urdu, Thai, and Russian. You can set your schedule regarding when and how you want to learn the language(s) you’ve selected.


SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account discount

Sadly, Innovative Languages does not offer you any discount on your SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account. However, you’re better off with this package as compared to the monthly subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $25 per month, which translates to $300 per year.

On the other hand, you only pay $599 to have a lifetime subscription. Suppose you were to study Swedish for five years, you’ll save up to 60% on the Lifetime Premium membership.



Innovative Languages provides you with reliable language learning tools which can improve your Swedish speaking skills. If you’re committed to becoming a fluent Swedish speaker, then a SwedishPod101 Lifetime Premium account could do you some good. It eliminates monthly bills, plus it allows you to study on your own time.

If you’re new on such platforms, you can sign up for the trial Swedishpod101 Lifetime Premium account. It’s valid for a month and only costs $1. You can use the account to figure out what this platform has to offer.