SwahiliPod101 Coupon Code

SwahiliPod101 Coupon

Swahili, or Kiswahili, is widely spoken on the east coast of Africa including the countries of Tanzania and Kenya. If you are interested in learning this Bantu language, check out the following SwahiliPod101 Coupon Codes.

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New Discounts for SwahiliPod101

These epic deals are available to both new and existing SwahiliPod101 members.

Our editor has rechecked and verified all the SwahiliPod101 Coupon Codes below as of February 2023, so please let us know if you have trouble signing up!


SwahiliPod101—30% Off Coupon

This discount is for 30% off regular monthly rates for SwahiliPod101. This can save you up to $165 when you sign up for a two-year subscription.

SwahiliPod101 Coupon30


SwahiliPod101—60% Off Coupon

This discount is for the little-known Lifetime subscription to SwahiliPod101. You just pay one time and have access to the program for life. Without monthly subscription costs, the pressure is off, and you can learn on your own time. If you use the program for at least five years, you will save 60% off regular rates.

SwahiliPod101 Coupon 60


SwahiliPod101—77% Off Coupon

Another little-known option is the three-language Lifetime subscription plan. Like the above discount, you just have to pay once, and you get access to three languages for life. This plan can save you 77% off regular rates.

SwahiliPod101 Coupon 77


Can I use These Promos Anywhere?

Yes, you can use the promos as long as you can access the internet.


Using SwahiliPod101 Coupon Codes

New Members

1. Choose the deal that you want.
2. Choose between Basic, Premium, and PremiumPLUS subscription plans. They will be described in detail later in this article.
3. Enter payment details. You can use PayPal, Visa, American Express, or MasterCard.
4. Choose a subscription length while remembering that longer subscriptions save the most money.
5. Verify your account and start your studies of the Swahili language.

Current Members

Log on to your account.
Return here to choose your deal.
You will be guided through steps to add your discount.


Which Monthly Subscription Plan to Choose?


You might like Basic if:

  • you want a comprehensive, low-cost program to begin learning Swahili.
  • you plan to travel to Swahili-speaking areas soon.


You might like Premium if:

  • you have Swahili-speaking friends or family.
  • you want to supplement your lessons with interactive learning tools.
  • you want to be quizzed over your lessons for progress.


You might like PremiumPLUS if:

  • you want personalized lesson plans.
  • you prefer ongoing assessments.
  • you would like one-on-one time with your teacher.

If this is a lot to consider right now, give the Premium plan a try for just $1 the first month.