NorwegianClass101 Coupon Codes

NorwegianClass101 Coupon

Norwegian is a Northern Germanic language that is thought to be an easy one for a native English speaker to learn. If you are considering learning to speak Norwegian, check out these NorwegianClass101 coupon codes, and save money on one of the best programs to learn Norwegian.

NorwegianClass101 Coupon Savings

Whether you already use NorwegianClass101 or are just signing up, you can get this incredible discount.

All NorwegianClass101 Coupon Codes below have been verified to work as of October, 2021.

NorwegianClass101—30% Off Coupon Code

Click the link below and your discount is already applied to save 30% or $165 when you use the program for two years.

NorwegianClass101 Coupon 30

NorwegianClass101—60% Off Coupon Code

The link below will take you to a never-advertised discount. Simply, pay a one-time fee and you can use NorwegianClass101 for the rest of your life. This allows you to take your time learning without feeling like you’re wasting your money on monthly subscription costs.

NorwegianClass101 Coupon 60

You will end up saving 60% on regular subscription fees if you use NorwegianClass101 for five years.

NorwegianClass101—77% Off Coupon Code

If one language is just not enough, there is another, a never-advertised subscription that can save you 77% off regular fees over five years. It is a three-language Lifetime account. Simply, pay once and you can learn any three languages for life.

NorwegianClass101 Coupon 77

Are These Discounts Available Everywhere?

As long as you have access to the internet, you can take advantage of these discounts.

Using Your NorwegianClass101 Coupon

New Members

1. Pick one of the above coupons.
2. Decide between Basic, Premium, or PremiumPLUS subscription plans.
3. Set up payment information with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.
4. Decide how long to sign up. Don’t forget that the longer you sign up, the more money you will save.
5. Verify your account through your email, follow the link and begin your studies.

Existing Users

1. Log in to NorwegianClass101.
2. Come back to this page and click on one of the coupon links.
3. Follow the steps to update your account with the discount applied.

Which Plan Should I Pick


Basic is beneficial if:

  • funds are limited.
  • you are traveling soon and want to pick up a few Norwegian words and phrases.
  • you want to “test drive” Norwegian to see if it is the right language for you.


Premium is beneficial if:

  • fluency is your goal and you prefer HD video.
  • you thrive with a variety of learning materials.
  • you would like to test your pronunciation with voice-recognition technology.


PremiumPLUS is beneficial if:

  • you want all the study tools available including the ability to talk with the instructor one-on-one.
  • you want regular assignments and quizzes to test your progress.

Should you still be unsure about which plan to choose, you can always get the Premium plan for your first month for $1 by clicking below.