Flashsticks Review

As I’ve previously discussed in another review, when I was on my Erasmus exchange year in France, many of my colleagues learning French would stick post-its or other cards with French vocabulary all over their rooms in order to help them remember the words easier.
Recently several companies have started producing vocabulary stickers and FlashSticks has the added bonus of a smartphone app that not only recognizes the post-its themselves but also objects and then give you a translation into different languages.
The post-it style notes come currently in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin and British Sign Language at a price of €6.62 for the starter pack (100 words) and €39.77 for the boxset (600 words). The post-its include diagrams, phonetic description, as well as, the word in the target language and include the gender with each noun. They stick easily but more importantly can be removed without leaving a mark.
Vocabulary covered includes the basic nouns and verbs. You can either stick the labels on the items themselves (if you have them) or place them on a board, for example. As the post-its all have diagrams, theses serve as a hook for associating the new word with the item. The non-English vocabulary stickers all feature the English translation just in case you are in any doubt as to the translation.
FlashSticks allows you to scan real-life objects for translations in multiple languages


1. The stickers are effective memory aids as they have distinct colors and diagrams and can be also stuck to the item to which the word corresponds.

2. The smartphone app allows you to review the vocab, hear the word pronounced and scans real-life objects for translations.
3. 600 words is a good start when learning a new language from scratch.
FlashSticks allows you to scan the post-its with a smartphone app
The smartphone app gives you a pronunciation of the words on the post-its


1. 600 words is still a limited amount of vocabulary so you are going to need a lot more than post-its to learn a language properly.

2. If you know what the object is in your native language, you can look it up quicker in an online dictionary than waiting for the software to scan the image and recognize the object.
3. The personalized learning of words in context as you encounter them naturally is still a more effective method of learning vocabulary.
You can purchase the stickers by clicking the icon below.
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