‘Level up’ your Languages!

In the video below you can see my interview with YouTube polyglot, Félix Wang, where we discuss the concept of ‘leveling up’ as it is applied to language learning. I had the pleasure of watching Félix in action several times in predominantly French-speaking Brussels, both before and after our video, where he ‘leveled up’ with …

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Belgicisms_ How Belgians speak French!

Belgicisms: How Belgians speak French!

In the video below, I discuss Belgicisms with Félix Wang, who is a Belgian polyglot and has a popular YouTube channel called Loki2504. French in Belgium differs from the French spoken in France in several noticeable ways, primarily, the numbers 70-79 and 90-99, the use of ‘savoir’ (‘to know’) in place of ‘pouvoir’ (‘to be …

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Rosetta Stone Review

Rosetta Stone Review

In the late 1980s, founder Allen Stoltzfus envisioned a new kind of language program. One that emulates natural immersion by using a sophisticated new computer technology that simulates the way you learn your native language – using images and sounds in context, with zero translation.  What followed was one of the most ground-breaking (and controversial) …

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