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NorwegianClass101 Coupon Codes

NorwegianClass101 Coupon

Norwegian is a Northern Germanic language that is thought to be an easy one for a native English speaker to learn. If you are considering learning to speak Norwegian, check out these NorwegianClass101 coupon codes, and save money on one of the best programs to learn Norwegian. NorwegianClass101 Coupon Savings NorwegianClass101—30% Off Coupon Code Click …

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PortuguesePod101 Coupon Codes

PortuguesePod101 Coupon Codes

Possessing the skill of speaking Portuguese is a valuable asset for business and travel purposes. If learning this Western Romance Language is a goal for you, you can save good money with these PortuguesePod101 coupon codes, and get access to one of the top language-learning programs. Read our full, honest review of PortuguesePod101 here. Discount …

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Glossika Review

Glossika Review

Editor’s Note: The following Glossika Review has been fully updated on February 18th, 2022. Getting to grips with any new language is like learning a martial art: you repeat one move over and over again, hundreds of times until it’s eventually burned into your brain and your response becomes automatic. When picking up a language, …

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Spanish Audiobooks You Can Listen to for Free

11 Spanish Audiobooks You Can Listen to for Free

Let’s face it, the excitement and newness of learning a language can wear off quickly once you’re conjugating verbs for the billionth time. Additionally, many programs lack authentic listening practice. So, what is the aspiring polyglot to do? The answer: listen to Spanish Audiobooks.   Why Use Audiobooks for Spanish Anyone who has tried to …

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