Hello! My name is Conor Clyne and welcome to Language Tsar!

For more than a decade I have been combining my academic and professional life with my passion for languages and traveling and recently became a 'digital nomad'. This voyage has taken me all over the world from the sunny beaches of Rio to the political power centers of Washington and Brussels to a rapidly emerging Asia.

Along the way I have acquired proficiency in more than 10 languages. Quite a feat for a guy who sucked at languages at high school and later as an under-grad! The Language Tsar website and YouTube channel are dedicated to teaching you how to learn languages, travel more effectively and become a 'digital nomad'.

Moreover, in 2017 I was elected to serve as the President of the International Polyglot Society, which is the umbrella organization for polyglot activities across the world.

My Story

Traveling has long been a passion of mine. However, ironically learning languages initially was not. In short, I bombed at languages at school. I even had difficulties with English, my native tongue. My language classes at school were an interminable struggle. Being force fed grammar rules and rote memorization of vocabulary not only bored me close to tears but worse it simply did not work effectively.

By the time I left for an Erasmus year in France (academic year abroad), I was incapable of holding even a basic conversation in French, reduced to pointing and grunting as a desperate means of communication upon my arrival. In short, traditional language methods had not only consumed a significant part of my school time, they were also an abject failure in terms of providing me with any semblance of communicative skills in foreign languages.

But then something began to change, through trial and error and applying my own techniques, I slowly began to develop the confidence and fluency necessary to communicate effectively in foreign languages. It was not an easy path. It is was one littered with obstacles. However, 10 years later I find myself an accomplished polyglot with polished language skills in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Irish and Catalan. So how did this happen and can anyone replicate my achievements?

Quite simply, I abandoned the failed methods that were imposed on me by the school system. Instead I started immersing myself in my target language using my own methods. Suddenly, I started to see a vast improvement in my language skills. What had previously been a frustrating and time consuming process became an enjoyable pursuit. My trips and professional life took on a new dimension as my language skills opened doors that just wouldn’t have been possible if I had remained a monoglot (or a ‘polynot’ as we call them in the polyglot community).

Yes! There is no reason why you cannot learn lots of languages, travel to your dream destinations and live the digital nomadic lifestyle! 🙂

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